Bloomington The Bridge Church of the Nazarene

This year has been a year of change. The change came upon us all and was a bit unexpected. This is generally how God works. As I (Mike Seward) was called to pastor this local fellowship, we all embraced this change as best as we could and God has clearly had His hand in it all. We had the responsibility to not only look at but come up with solutions on how we were going to address leadership at all levels of our ministry. This started with the church board, our staff, our Bloomington Christian School Administrators and our school board. Based on Jesus’ prayer in John 17, we made it our ambition to live into the prayer Jesus prayed, specifically for those that would believe as a result of the Apostles message. We are being intentional about becoming one with God and each other so that the world would believe that God sent Jesus out of love.

With that in mind, our leadership team has become a people of covenant. We care about each other and our relationship with God. We have put processes of accountability in place and have grown new leadership upon the foundation of this covenant with God and each other. And, we will continue our pursuit of transformational leadership. With a new hired staff member, Nancy Matus, we look to this year as year of making disciples. We are praying for salvations. We want baptisms. We want sanctification testimonies. Whether we engage our community directly or God sends them our way, we want to be intentional about proclaiming the Gospel in love, giving pathways of growth for every believer, encouraging everyone to use their God-given gifts to serve the Church and to be bearers of the Good News. This is nothing new for us. We just know that we need to go to the next level. With the power of the Holy Spirit we will be unstoppable in our pursuit to build bridges of Christ love.


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