Hesperia Church of the Nazarene

This year people have come to faith in Christ, been baptized, called to live a holy live through the sanctifying power of Christ, and accepted into membership in each of our congregations. All budgets are paid in full; we are a ten percent church.

Our church is composed of three congregations. The Classic congregation sings five hymns each Sunday, follows the Lectionary and the time honored traditions of the church. The New Creation congregation needs little light but full volume and is pastored by Brian Graley. They do all things contemporary. the Korean congregation share a meal every Sunday and are pastored by Kimmy Choi. I continue to be the pastor to Main Street Hesperia. 
For the past six years I have been considering retirement. The mortgage is paid in full, all major repairs are completed, staff and church have been trained to continue our ministry with a united vision for the future. Retirement will be a transition from being responsible for all things at 8518 Maple Ave. Hesperia, to a ministry of a broader scale, sharing the gospel and the story of a great little church, through writing and preaching and presence. 
Our first extended ministry will be in Swaziland to dedicate the Penn Memorial  Church built in honor of my grandparents Joseph and Susan Penn who served as missionaries to Swaziland and S Africa 1919-1939, along with the ministry of Dan and Fern Penn, my parents Joseph and Ellen who served as missionaries to Swaziland and S Africa from 1945-1985. John and Sherree Denney my cousin may share in this mission. Together we will peach and teach on the the Swaziland South District, and at the Mganzini church.
It has been the joy of my life to the shepherd of God's people for the past 47 years.
Christ is my life!

David Penn

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