Hesperia Casa de Oracion

Greetings and welcome to Case de Oracion!

We are working in Developing ministries to connect our community with the church and to fulfill the great commission. One of the ways was the women's ministry working in mental health and domestic violence training programs with the support of the Loma Linda University.

Last year my wife (Rev Maria Giron) with the women's net ministry developed a conferences series and we had around 250 women from our community attending it. 230 Ladies with no church background were attending the church because the Lord's message to them. This coming October we will have our first women's congress where we hope to have 400 ladies being impacted with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We continue working with the Prison Fellowship Ministries and Angel's Tree program, visiting and helping people and families in need. In christmas we had 70 families worshiping God.

This year reported, we baptized 25 persons, receive 38 new believers, receive 15 new members and continue training and preparing the church for the leadership and to reach our community to Christ and also to make Christlike disciples.

Rev Diego Forero - Lead Pastor

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