Holtville Church of the Nazarene (& Holtville Holiness)

The Church of the Nazarene in Holtville began with a few Nazarenes and friends who came to the Imperial Valley in the year of 1911. This small group began its meetings to worship God in a house in that community for two years. After this time, they decided to have a revival campaign for ten days in the Park of Holtville on September 12 to 22 back in 1913. They called Pastor B.F. Neely from Texas to help them with this campaign.

At the end of the campaign's revival Rev. Neely organized the Church of the Nazarene in Holtville, calling Rev. Dennis Rogers and his wife as the first new church pastors. At the beginning of 1914, began the construction to build the Sanctuary and it has remained with a few changes since then. It is a Centennial church that has survived to the ups and downs and through the many changes of our small town.

In 2000, Pastor Flores introduced services in Spanish as the number of native Spanish-speakers was growing in the valley. The Spanish group grew and English has decreased. There is still a small group that has its services in English and that is committed to support the Spanish group with their love, prayers and responsibility.

When we came here as pastors we found a strong church who wanted to keep trying to reach others and worship the Lord. We prayed for God´s direction and started evangelistic meetings at the houses with the Matthew program. This year we have 10 people coming to the meetings and 8 of them came to the Lord. We started a prayer program where every member makes a stop in their day at 8:00 p.m. to pray for the church members, the church needs, and specifically for church growth.

God has blessed us with so many things but we would like to express our gratitude to the district for their support and to our brothers and sisters that are always praying for pastors like us that are far away in the desert; we get all the fire - literally! But we also get the blessings of having a church that is willing to keep working and trying to reach our valley.

Praises to The Lord who has calling us to be his servants!

Onan and Loyda Morales

Pastors of Holtville Church of the Nazarene and Holtville Holiness

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