Indio Las Palmas Community Church of the Nazarene

In the desert it is HOT.

The Coachella Valley is know for Stagecoach and Coachella music festivals, golf, tourism, LGBT residents, extreme wealth, extreme poverty, and churches working together for the kingdom of Christ.

As so often happens, Jesus opened a door to minister - this time with those in the gay community. Thirteen of us were invited to be part of a group of several pastors and church leaders, many of whom were from alternative lifestyles and one brave person trying to bring these unlikely ministry partners together. The outcome? very surprising; those in the lifestyle spoke the loudest: "please do not stop telling us the gospel. It is the only power that will rescue us."

We all learned that those who choose alternative life styles are usually broken, and the men do not feel male enough and the women don't feel female enough. We also discovered how broken every person in the group was. Oh, how all have sinned and fall short of His glory!. From this group we discovered how pervasive the sex industry truly is - how many were struggling with pornography and sexual addictions of many kinds.

Jesus opened another door. LPCC sponsored a "Clean Brain Conference." We invited five other churches and over ninety men showed up. Three churches said, "Thanks for inviting us - our church is too liberal and would think it mean-spirited to address this." At this conference we saw the power of the Gospel, and witnessed three men confess to affairs, calling their wives and beginning the hard road of transformation. Many, including thirteen-year-old boys and an eighty year-old gentleman started the road to freedom. It is nothing other than the power of the gospel.

Our Harvest party was another event at which the Gospel was preached. We had over 450 in attendance - 276 of which were unknown to our fellowship. Many left with more than candy.

At our annual "Christmas Store," LPCC gave over 1250 families gifts, food, family photos, and the Gospel. We believe over 250 said yes to Jesus at that event. Another testimony to the power of the Gospel. Additionally, LPCC has adopted a trailer park - the whole park! Every family is delivered a box of food twice a month. Sometimes several families live in the same space. Prayer is offered and now many are asking to hear the gospel.

This next year is another adventure with all the same ministries to attend to: preaching, teaching, loving our neighbor as we love ourselves, loving God and His co-mission. Our theme this year is "Be encouraged."


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